Creating a mudroom for Fido

Originally posted 2018-12-09 20:46:05.

Anyone have their own “special” room for your dogs?

With 4 it’s kind of hard to keep their gear in one spot.

Well partly because of the hurricane we have had the house in disarray. We are hopefully going to have repairs started soon. With so many people, not including all 40 schools in our county needing repairs it has been hard trying to secure reputable contractors, not to mention legit ones.

With the stress of momma, my father and still dealing with my father’s estate the hurricane is just another thing to worry about.

I had to take some anti-anxiety meds just to give myself some “chill”. The clutter isn’t helping me at all.

Anyway- tell me what you think and how you have things at your home.

 Creating a room for Fido

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