Originally posted 2018-03-23 12:18:30.

I am back at home after having the platelet rich plasma therapy done.

I will not sit here and lie…. that hurt. Not to discourage anyone from trying it. I mean if I get positive results I will try it elsewhere as long as the doctor feels it is worth it. We did briefly speak after the procedure on my MRI results of my spine and if I would be eligible to have this done treating degenerative disc disease. My already fused portion of my spine of course isn’t but as she went up my L2-L3 discs showed noticeable degeneration to the point where she stated there really isn’t any disc left to place it in. It may mean more fused portions of my spine are looking like a sooner rather than later thing. But we will talk about it more on my follow-up appointment and as my results from PRP seen.

Due to HIPPA regulations I wasn’t really able to get it on video like I wanted to but was able to snap a photo.

They drew blood like any normal blood draw, except they used a rather big syringe. Not your little vials they do when doing blood tests.

They were just positioning my foot prior to procedure. The fluoroscopy (xray) was just above my ankle. When the doctor came in they started prepping my skin for the procedure and then started administering lidocaine into the skin. She couldn’t go very deep so it was more superficial numbing rather than deep where she would be going.

I was able to see the seperated plasma once red blood cells were removed. Then she showed me the concentrated portion that would be used. I said the plasma kind of looked like light yellow pee, lol.

My momma would be proud as I made up some new words today trying my best not to curse. The entire building pretty much heard me though, even the receptionist at the front desk. My doctor kept apologizing to me but I kept telling her it was ok, it wasn’t her fault. Well.. I mean she was hurting me but not intentionally just part of the process. It is what it is.

You can see the swelling so far. The doctor said I would have more swelling. Garfield bandages cover the small entry points they took to go through the joints of my ankle as well as into my tendons above the joints. It hurt as well as felt weird when she crossed over the left side of my ankle where screws were placed to piece my ankle back together (in the original surgery in 1999).

I have now taken pain medication and will sit back, drink some of my Peet’s Major Dickason’s coffee while attempting to watch the 1980’s movie “Night of the Comet” via Pluto TV ( Amazon Fire TV ) but I think it may end up watching me.

I will post an update during the healing/recovery process.

Remember to Smile through the pain and laugh through the tears because no matter what you are blessed with more than you know.

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