Pale Struggles

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Know what it’s like to always burn?
Then you know pale skin struggles lol.
I can’t stay outside very long without burning.
Well… I got sunburned, again and this time there’s a spot on my face that doesn’t want to heal. So… biopsy time.
June 5th is my day just not sure if they will biopsy it that […]

How long was he in there?

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This is our “week”.

Dusty is with my parents and well…it is suppose to be relaxing. The start is anything but…

Yesterday my husband and I were doing yard work. He started fixing the gate to our fence. One of the posts had split and he needed to put up a new one. Well, we’ve had […]

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Mom shares recovery from melanoma 

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Originally posted 2017-07-19 21:41:57.

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