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Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

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You’ve probably heard the term “weighted blanket” many times and might have thought, “it’s just a heavy blanket, right?”. Though you wouldn’t be wrong, as weighted blankets do indeed have a weight to them,  they are far more than simply a heavier option to cover up with. Studies show that weighted blankets can be beneficial for […]

Ever been so tired you just can’t sleep?

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I don’t give up easily but here lately I’m testing those waters. I’m not really a drinker per say, even though I am of Irish descent. I wonder what happened to that part of me, who fights a good fight til the end like an Irishman, so stubborn. But between having to keep one […]

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Circuits Overload

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This was a post from 2016 that never got published lol

Have you ever felt as if your circuit board is on overload? Like the wires, connections in your body’s circuit board is on overload and at risk of burning out? Well that is where I am this week. James’s been at home because the […]

Need help with your CPAP supplies?

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The ASAA now offers a Year Supply Program (YSP) to anyone that uses a CPAP machine.
The package will include (4) Masks, (4) Filters and (2) Tubes. This program is offered while supplies last and specific brands of masks, filters and tubes are not guaranteed. The packages will include factory sealed items and are “as […]

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