hurricane florence


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Well… I don’t know what to say right now but will say this…. prepare and pray.

We are preparing but also anticipating evacuations. We will likely drive as far west as needed.

We are right outside of Camp Lejeune North Carolina.

This damn hurricane is now a Category 5. 160mph winds, but doesn’t include wind gusts.

I […]

Fundraiser by Elizabeth Ann Carr : Equine Rescuers Lose Everything

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If you know anything about diabetes these are numbers that you love to hit!

A1C 5.5

I was so excited! I didn’t think I’d hit anything close considering this past few weeks since the hurricane have been hard to not eat things you “shouldn’t”.

Cool! Just had to share a bit of good news.

In other news, I […]

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Struggling with confessions

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Since my momma’s passing some things have come to my eyes that I may have not seen before. I am truly struggling with these and have honestly only told my husband and my daughter.  I know people deserve their lives the way they choose to live, happy, healthy or destructive. No matter what that […]

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Hurricane Florence

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Thank you for supporting Team Rubicon’s response to Hurricane Florence.

As you may know already my family and I were also affected as we live in Onslow County North Carolina near Jacksonville / Camp Lejeune area. 

We know our neighborhood had some pretty devastating flooding as well as many others in eastern and central North Carolina. 

If […]

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Busy Busy Busy

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This week is the start of more Hurricane Florence damage repair. FINALLY! Bittersweet for sure. Tylenol and ibuprofen will be my friends even more than normal as this will kick my allergies into high gear.

BUT they will likely be here all week. Which means the dogs will have to be outside…ALOT. Good thing […]

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