Today didn’t go as planned so the procedure had to be rescheduled until next Friday morning. One of the machines used in separating the blood wasn’t working properly and she didn’t want to try to do it without knowing for sure the machine was fully operational. She apologized numerous times and even gave me $100 back on the cost of the procedure. Which I might add is something I have never seen anyone do in the medical field.

It’s ok, now I feel like ca-ca-poo-poo. I believe I have another sinus infection. Thing that sucks is that I still can’t take any anti-inflammatory medications.  Hopefully nothing I need antibiotics for because then it will have to be a little big longer before I can get the procedure done.

James had an extra day off I guess you can say. He did manage to get something accomplished. He was working on the lights for the Harley and putting the new parts to the turn signals on it too.

Nothing like a Friday night cuddled up with menthol-lyptus cough drops and VapoRub.

Originally posted 2018-02-16 22:09:10.

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