Veteran Spotlight

Meet Joy

Originally posted 2019-11-24 11:00:30. “My dad passed away and before he passed he picked up an art brush and he painted. He has painted some amazing pieces. So when he passed I drew a humming bird then I was looking at the humming bird and another memory came to me and another one. So I started my first piece in memory of my dad. Since I’ve done multiple pieces each represents someone’s stories. I’ve also…

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Dusty’s Art

Originally posted 2019-08-19 09:26:41. Dusty has some coloring books and wanted to do some of them. Not bad I’d say. I remind him to stay in the lines and this was the result. What you think? Anyone have suggestions or things you may do to aid your kids? He graduated high school (2013) and well doesn’t do things like this anymore. Not on a regular anyway. There aren’t many things for these kids that graduate…

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