Buddy Check Wednesday

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Don’t forget your brothers & sisters.
YOU are the point person today…call, email or text one or more of your brothers and sisters to make sure they are doing okay. Everybody needs a Buddy. NO MORE 20 on our watch.
Do your part and please share this post.

PTSD affects so many! […]

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Extra woof with an added meow

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We volunteered to help out a veteran in their time of need.

First the unfortunate death of an Air Force veteran. That veteran had a dog and a cat left behind. The family couldn’t keep them so they looked for someone else who could take them. They tried many rescues but no one could take […]

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She’s home

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James wanted to put her in something more personal so we opted for the temporary urn.
They had all of the paperwork her urn and a clay paw print in a gift bag. My husband rode home with it in his passenger seat. I think he was talking to her because he was behind my […]


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She will be missed. My husband’s side kick, devil dog. Charlie you are no longer hurting. Run over that rainbow bridge til your hearts full of joy knowing the love and life you brought to this family. We can’t thank you enough for your presence.
We hope you understand why we didn’t want you to […]

She’s seems miserable

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We have a consultation with NC State Veterinary School’s Oncology Dept. to see what if anything can be done before the dreaded decision has to be made.
My husband said he doesn’t want to make that decision.

This was their findings.
I.E. Cancer…
Me and cancer this year … this mf’r needs to fuck off.
She came home with […]

Inoperable mass

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As we were headed back to the NC State Veterinary School to pick up Charlie we get a phone call.
“Inoperable mass on her brain stem”
She is staying there tonight as she was still recovering from the anesthesia.
After my medical procedure, Dusty’s psychiatrist appointment and Chewy’s follow-up appointment tomorrow we will head […]

Military Monday – CodeofVets – Birdman Dan

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That was close

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This morning my husband went to get his motorcycle riding gloves to prepare to leave for work. I hear him ask me to come here. I get up and see what he needs. He asks me, “Is that a black widow spider?” I state first off that I thought it was. Then I proceed […]

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September 23 2014

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The military community has lost several veterans recently. My heart goes out to the families involved. The reality of PTSD and its effects on our military is ever more present in our everyday lives. My husband even changed after coming home from deployment. He won’t admit to it at all. After being screwed out […]

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July 7th 2014

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You know there are days when I just want to give it all up and others that I can’t get enough. The life I was given I sure has its meanings. I just for once would like not to struggle…just once. I realize there are so many people who have been dealt a bad […]

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