Is that blood? False alarm.

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What happens when you drink 10 oz of Magnesium Citrate? I’m glad you asked…

12:05 pm: It’s time. You shotgun a 10 oz bottle like it’s a lukewarm PBR and you don’t want to be a pussy in front of your older brother’s friends.

It’s suppose to be grape flavored but it’s becoming quite clear that […]

Love What Matters Senior Pics Edition

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LOLOLOL This Kid is hilarious!

View this post on Instagram "CAN'T BREATHE. 🤣🤣🤣 My senior session tonight: ME: Why are you doing this to me? PLEASE just wear the clothes your mom sent. HIM: I'm […]

Things I find when I’m not looking LOL

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Heaven or Hell on a Squatty Potty

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“Will I go to Hell if I just make my own squatty potty out of scrap lumber?
Hell or Heaven are more long term issues; however and in the short term, if you use scrap lumber-make it is not crappy lumber though and well sanded-then you’ll save some money which you can use to buy […]

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Watch “Minivan | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial” on YouTube

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That kid was holding in that laugh the best he could, lol.

Redline Steel manufactures a wide range of products from custom monograms to home decor – Veteran owned and operated and 100% made in the US. Use coupon code #CARTERFAMILY

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Who has a mom crush??

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Are you guilty too? I think we all have these moments. You scroll and see someone with gorgeous hair, legs for days, boobs perfectly perky even after having the modern day equivalent of the Brady Bunch.
Oh well… we live, we learn, and we LAUGH!
Yummm now I want a cupcake  [sce emoji=”cake”/], and I can’t […]

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🤣 Saoirse The Savage 🤣

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This was a first

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Want to hear something funny?

Ok… so after we left Saoirse’s veterinary appointment yesterday I stopped by one of my local grocery stores.

I ran in the store to grab a few things like me some Cheerios and Dusty bread, burritos, poptarts and good Lord this kid can eat.

I was checking out and needed to grab […]

This is hilarious!

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Last weekend I saw something at The Gun Show that sparked my interest. I was looking for a little something different for my wife Dana. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized Tazer.

The effects of the Tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long term adverse affect on […]

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Coffey’s New Song 🤣🤣

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“Your New Boyfriend” – My favorite song to sing live! Download the song on the “This Is Me” album today! Full video on IGTV today at 10am. #coffeyanderson #countrymusic #calicountry #texascountry singing at the @oc_fair to ugly with @runawayjuneofficial and @hunterhayes! Come out tonight. Did you notice the cameo by @bonquiqui!? 😊
A post shared […]

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