Servicemember Civil Relief Act

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This is nothing new but for some this could be the first they’ve seen or heard of it. Know someone who this applies? Feel free to share.
Wish we would have known this when we purchased our first SUV while my husband was still active duty.
We were paying around 12% on our vehicle loan and knew nothing of this. […]

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The month of blur

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This past month has seriously been a blur. It’s been a little more than a month when I think about it. If you go back to October when I had my mini-stroke so that’s almost 2 months. Geez…

Biological father passed away on November 14th. Dusty and I had gotten up early that morning to […]

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Seizure First Aid

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22 resources

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“I don’t like regular counseling.” “There’s no help out there.” “I need help but the VA takes too long.” Well look at this list straight out of our resource guide!
Mental health, ptsd resources & retreats

Headstrong Project


For female veterans!
Common signs of PTSD and what to do
Mental Health Self Assessments
Coping with Deployments […]

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My husband took this picture of my biological father and I while I was talking to him, letting him know that I was there with him. The morning he passed away Dusty and I were getting ready to make the 2 hour (one-way) trip to see him. I was told he passed at 4:20 […]

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80 seizures a day to none

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60 signs

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Oh forgot to say this the other day, this is what happened after we got home. Don’t know if I told my aunt or not but first 2 nights after my dad passed away our tv’s turned the channel by themselves. We have a dvr but nothing was scheduled to record. Woke up with […]

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Alzheimer’s Reading Room: 4 Ways to Deal with Anger and Confusion on the Part of a Loved One Living with Dementia

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