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A little piece of mind in a world full of what if’s

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If you have read all my posts you may recall when I mentioned something about Dusty and him almost getting on an ice cream truck. Kayla kept him from listening to the guy that was trying to get him on the truck.  As a parent things like this terrifies the hell out of me. […]

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#GetEvan2Ellen Down Syndrome *5th Annual Buddy Walk*

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Onslow and surrounding counties are big supporters of our special needs communities here in NC, despite what you hear.

There are a lot of events scheduled throughout the year for various causes and this is one of them. We’ve participated in the past and enjoy the diverse community we have here, the many ways they give back […]

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A Marine and his son, Evan

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Check this out… I think this is so cool. We personally know this family so it makes it even cooler 😉

Toro’s Terrorists, What a Marine and his son want to do

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6th Annual Buddy Run

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6th annual #BuddyWalk 1st #BuddyRun

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