Special Cutie

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As you know we are dog lovers.

I have always loved dogs. I’ve said if we won the lottery we’d buy some land and rescue dogs that needed to be rescued. No matter what – near or far…

Strolling through my Facebook timeline yesterday I ran across this cutie.

She reminds me of Chewy, not in looks, […]

She’s home

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James wanted to put her in something more personal so we opted for the temporary urn.
They had all of the paperwork her urn and a clay paw print in a gift bag. My husband rode home with it in his passenger seat. I think he was talking to her because he was behind my […]


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She will be missed. My husband’s side kick, devil dog. Charlie you are no longer hurting. Run over that rainbow bridge til your hearts full of joy knowing the love and life you brought to this family. We can’t thank you enough for your presence.
We hope you understand why we didn’t want you to […]

With Love, Charlie

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We unfortunately have to put her to sleep. The cancer – tumor is just ravaging her poor little body. We had planned on taking her to nc state oncology for her appointment but she can’t do anything for herself anymore. We tried to get her up but she just stands there leaning against you. […]

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Our princess Charlie. She will be missed enormously. We would rather her just pass away in her sleep rather than having to make that decision to put her to sleep.
We are not sure if she will make it or not until her appointment next week.
She is barely drinking enough water. She loved the Bojangles […]

Holding on

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I know we are gonna lose her. She is going down way too quick. Her appointment is Monday with the specialist.

Loosing my bio father then my mom and now Charlie isn’t sitting well right now. I am shaking just typing this.

She only ate a little and I had to give it to her on […]

No one will get hurt…

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Think Chewy was trying to tell me something…

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Miracle Pup

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (WTVD) –Rudolph has been dubbed the miracle puppy, and it’s hard to argue with that name.

That’s because he survived after being injected with euthanasia drugs.

Rudolph, 7- or 8-month-old Labrador retriever-American pit bull mix, was chosen to be put down because of overcrowding at an animal shelter in Oklahoma.

According to King’s Harvest Pet […]

I need corrective surgery but have to pay over $7500 first?

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Went to the ER recently and had ”issues”. Let’s just say the majority of you won’t really want to know all that it involves. But I will say that my intestines, bowels are involved. I had a surgery back in 2009 at the Naval Hospital. It involved 5 different procedures. I knew something was […]

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Hammock Dog 🤣🤣

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Check out @Chewy’s Tweet:

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