Suprised blessings

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As you know Chewy had to have surgery and I started the GoFundMe for the surgery.

Well let me tell you what happened.

We go the day of surgery and get ready to pay at least $1200, I hand the lady my card and then she gives it back to me. She informed James and I […]

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Furever they go

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The 13 yr old dog, Bear, and the 2 yr old cat, Silas have now gone to their forever homes. At least I know Bear is staying with the veteran that we handed them off to. Silas may go to someone else. As long as they aren’t taken to an animal shelter where I […]

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Grant a Poundwish

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By now y’all know where these incredibly adorable animals stand with us. I saw the instagram post by Poundswish and just had to share with you the cases that they are working on.

Please share so they may find their wishes granted.

Poundwishes Instagram Profile

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Extra woof with an added meow

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We volunteered to help out a veteran in their time of need.

First the unfortunate death of an Air Force veteran. That veteran had a dog and a cat left behind. The family couldn’t keep them so they looked for someone else who could take them. They tried many rescues but no one could take […]

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She’s seems miserable

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We have a consultation with NC State Veterinary School’s Oncology Dept. to see what if anything can be done before the dreaded decision has to be made.
My husband said he doesn’t want to make that decision.

This was their findings.
I.E. Cancer…
Me and cancer this year … this mf’r needs to fuck off.
She came home with […]

Inoperable mass

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As we were headed back to the NC State Veterinary School to pick up Charlie we get a phone call.
“Inoperable mass on her brain stem”
She is staying there tonight as she was still recovering from the anesthesia.
After my medical procedure, Dusty’s psychiatrist appointment and Chewy’s follow-up appointment tomorrow we will head […]

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     You already might know by now I am a dog lover. Or isn’t it obvious [sce emoji=”wink”/] ?


Over the years my dogs had reoccurring ear infections that found us in the vet’s office quite often to get medication to treat it. This got expensive when it was more than one dog at different times.  After a […]

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Touch Note

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So my momma’s 90 yr old step-mom said she didn’t have any photos of my momma to look at.
She may or may not. I am not sure but I was trying to find a way to send her some pictures of momma for her to enjoy.
My momma spent alot of time with her in […]

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