Warranted Explanations

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First off, my bio situation sort of went in a totally different direction than expected. Just a couple of weeks ago I had gone to visit him a few times that week. On that Thursday there was a meeting with the facility social worker. Myself and the “girlfriend” were in attendance along with speech […]

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Pelvic Floor Issues

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This is true!!



#Constipation plagues millions of Americans. Most suffers do not realize bowel mechanics & #pelvicfloordysfunction can play a role. Do you know if you are #pooping properly or if your #pelvicfloor is tight? A #pelvicfloorPT can help you figure this out!
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What is wrong? No explanation from doctors…Please share

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Ok, this is more of a plea for help. It is sort of linked to one of the other posts I made recently. Here is the link to that post…

Since I went to the ER the other day something seemed to changed. I am not sure if it is symptom to taking a new […]

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