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Here’s what’s next

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Went to the neurosurgeon yesterday morning. For one the radiology facility didn’t make sure they put all films on the disc, ughh. The PA even said they normally do not have to specify to put all films on a disc but I guess someone decided to do it their own way, who knows. I […]

It’s Back Again

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I had to go see a new neurosurgeon. They needed new MRI, CAT, Xrays, and all the work. Done most of that.

I started physical therapy yesterday. Funny thing is she is the same physical therapist my husband had for his knee.

So working with her was easy.

Now that I have had the new […]

Flawless Imperfections

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Turned a page in this  never-ending book of life for us. Whether we are in a better position or not remains to be seen. James had been working in a temporary position at the post office. He’d also been steadily submitting applications for whatever position he thought he may have been qualified for.  Several months ago he […]

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How do you preserve something that isn’t there?

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Over the last 10 plus years or so I have been taking pictures in fear I won’t be able to remember things, even the most miniscule of memories. Unfortunately with a multitude of pictures comes the need for the storage. Luckily as technology has advanced we have gotten better storage capabilities for our quality […]

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PRP Therapy – Ready, Set, Go

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My appointment to start try Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is set and ready to go. It is only on my ankle right now as the doctor did not want to tell me yes or not if it was possible with the condition of my spine. So she ordered a MRI and we will just […]

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If you know anything about diabetes these are numbers that you love to hit!

A1C 5.5

I was so excited! I didn’t think I’d hit anything close considering this past few weeks since the hurricane have been hard to not eat things you “shouldn’t”.

Cool! Just had to share a bit of good news.

In other news, I […]

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This is how my husband set up my reminder notification so I don’t forget to take my shot. 🤣🤣

How’s your immunity?

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In light of the increase in measles cases we needed to see how good our defenses were. So,off we went to see the doc to get the blood drawn.

Look at that boy’s veins! Looks like the tree of life, lol!!
We will know soon whether we need to get a booster or not. We can’t […]

Snail’s pace

By |April 24th, 2019|Family|1 Comment

Grieving while being the mother and caregiver to someone with autism is hard as hell. Dusty watches me 24/7.

He sees me crying, mad, frustrated, etc I can’t escape. All the while trying to repair hurricane florence damage.

I have been going to my local massage envy every few weeks for a deep tissue […]

When you keep forgetting

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I feel like this post should have Michael McDonald’s song I Keep Forgetting as my theme song.

My husband kept bugging me about forgetting my meds. So… time to get serious.

On a side note my A1C, from 5.5 to 6.1 – and the scale accompanied by 4. My diabetes doc still considers me as a […]

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