Life is precious

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My son… silly that he looks like he works out but he only works fork to mouth.
You can see the vagal nerve stimulator in his chest to aid with his intractable seizure disorder – I never thought I’d see him reach 25 years old.
He’s had meningitis and with his immune system the way it […]

New Method Early Cancer Detection

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I will be glad when they can detect things early enough to have enough time to fight it.

Cancer sucks, always has and always will.


Promising New Method for Early Cancer Detection

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Crying happy tears

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My momma !! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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My mother went to the emergency room a couple of days ago because of excessive nose bleeding. They had to have her see an ENT/ (ear,nose,and throat doctor).

Thankful she did as the doctor found a growth the size of a grape between her nose and sinus cavity. They cauterized the area that kept oozing […]

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Mother’s Day

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This is the first Mother’s Day without you. This is so hard. As I watch tv, listen to the radio, or even look at the newspaper or online all I see is Mother’s Day ads.
I keep looking away.
I want to avoid it like one would avoid the plague.
This is fucking hard. I told James […]

Snagged it!

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My 1st mammogram

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Having my first mammogram tomorrow. Is this what I have to look forward to? 🤣🤣

Any advice? Suggestions?

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Genetic Testing

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Since momma’s passing and learning that family connection of this cancer I have considered doing genetic testing.

Has anyone had this themselves?

Could you give me some feedback on your experience? Process? Etc?

Thanks – Amy

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Missing my momma

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I’m missing my momma so much. It is a pain unlike any other. To never hear her speak, her touch, her smile…

It came so suddenly and took her away so abruptly. No fighting chance to keep her here. All hope gone knowing we had to let her go and she just didn’t seem ready.

In […]

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