What do you think it is?

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L4-L5 of your spine

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It’s out…

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Saoirse’s my sidekick

This is what came out of my leg. The doc was baffled as to what it was but is going to check it out and see.

It’s hard to tell but there’s a small hard ball in there that was surrounded by what you see.

At home, chillin watching a movie and leg elevated.

I […]

Update to medical issues

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I have a surgery scheduled…finally. He will go in and see what it is and go from there. Once I find out what it is and if he needs to remove anything, fix anything, etc…then my daughter will be there. My husband will be a phone call away. We can’t afford for him to […]

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Can you say Merry Christmas – early ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Ok, I am pretty sure most of you know who Led Zeppelin is, right?!

Well if you haven’t then….ummm….I don’t know what to say… do you need to see a doctor? lololย 

They have two awesome items releasing this year.ย ย 

Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelinย ย is the first and only official illustrated book ever to be produced in […]

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Who has a mom crush??

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Are you guilty too? I think we all have these moments. You scroll and see someone with gorgeous hair, legs for days, boobs perfectly perky even after having the modern day equivalent of the Brady Bunch.
Oh well… we live, we learn, and we LAUGH!
Yummm now I want a cupcake  [sce emoji=”cake”/], and I can’t […]

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Not by the hair on my Shinny Shin Shin ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

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I had my dermatologic surgery set for the 25th but they called and it’s been pushed up and on for tomorrow morning (June 18th) first thing!

It’s to remove a cyst in my left leg/shin (yes IN my shin). It’s hard to describe. I am hoping I can get some pictures if the doc allows […]

My prayers go out

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