Special Cutie

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As you know we are dog lovers.

I have always loved dogs. I’ve said if we won the lottery we’d buy some land and rescue dogs that needed to be rescued. No matter what – near or far…

Strolling through my Facebook timeline yesterday I ran across this cutie.

She reminds me of Chewy, not in looks, […]

When their rattling the bed…

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I wish I had this snore stopper sometimes SleepApnea

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Grant a Poundwish

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By now y’all know where these incredibly adorable animals stand with us. I saw the instagram post by Poundswish and just had to share with you the cases that they are working on.

Please share so they may find their wishes granted.



Poundwishes Instagram Profile

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Oh the joys… 🤨

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Extra woof with an added meow

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We volunteered to help out a veteran in their time of need.

First the unfortunate death of an Air Force veteran. That veteran had a dog and a cat left behind. The family couldn’t keep them so they looked for someone else who could take them. They tried many rescues but no one could take […]

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Learning Disabilities ~ Adhd vs Autism

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Vereran Resources

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Wow…did you see what happens?

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I know some of you are wondering what happened.

Well… my mama lost her fight with cancer. She had small cell lung cancer, one of the most aggressive I’m told.

Her kidneys started failing and no matter what they did they didn’t gain traction in the right direction.

I apologize as I just can’t tell the story […]

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6th Annual Buddy Run

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