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Our new animated PSA aims to help people understand and accept people with autism and their differences…

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Like a cool fall breeze on a mid-august day…

Tech Armor Cyber Monday Week Sale! Enjoy 25% OFF all week!

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Friend, Veteran, and Survivor

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What not to say to a Veteran who is experiencing abuse.

What Not to Say to a Veteran who is Experiencing Abuse


Fine Art America- Regina Vasquez

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I am back at home after having the platelet rich plasma therapy done.

I will not sit here and lie…. that hurt. Not to discourage anyone from trying it. I mean if I get positive results I will try it elsewhere as long as the doctor feels it is worth it. We did briefly speak […]

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Caregiving in a Rural Setting

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Flawless Imperfections

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Turned a page in this  never-ending book of life for us. Whether we are in a better position or not remains to be seen. James had been working in a temporary position at the post office. He’d also been steadily submitting applications for whatever position he thought he may have been qualified for.  Several months ago he […]

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Healing Household 6

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HH6 Caregiver Library

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Those un-buried treasures…

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Isn’t this the coolest? For the longest time I thought this guitar was my step father’s until recently. It was my late brother’s guitar purchased by my grandmother ( my bio father’s mom ).

My mother is known to keep things forever …well not in a hoarding type of fashion. But she had the original […]

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