This has my heart

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Chris Stapleton Tour – Tickets and Schedule

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Mental Memory, Physical Moments

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My husband and I were talking the other day about the things in my past. He has expressed on more than one occasion that if he could he would somehow erase, get rid of, the people or events that have left such a lasting effect on my mind, body, and soul. Those things that […]

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Music Taste

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What do you think?

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I found this interesting and wonder if it would be a great asset in the care giving communities. I’d like your feedback.

You can view it here, Pro Smart Safe

Secure your medications and valuables with Pro Smart Safe. Its unique blend of technology and simplicity provides an intelligent, secure and private storage area anywhere in […]

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Justice for Faith

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 “I have been following this not just as a sexual assault survivor, fellow North Carolinian, a mother, but because I have personal connections with other members of the Hedgepeth family.  Like alot of families they have close knit bonds but also share a love for their cultural heritage, community, and faith. We have known some of them for almost twenty years.  I remain close, not as close as in years past but we remain friends and if someone needed something they would always be there to help.”  –  Amy

“A DNA profile was generated from semen collected in a sexual assault kit, and investigators believe the DNA belongs to the killer, Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue said Thursday.“Investigators have excellent evidence in this case, and we are making a public appeal for any information that will help us tie that evidence to Faith’s killer,” Blue said. “This is not a cold case. It has been and remains an active investigation.” 
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If you marry an Irish girl

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Why the Home May Be the Assisted-Living Facility of the Future

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Most older Americans want to stay in their homes for as long as they possibly can. Put in negative terms, almost all of us want to avoid moving into senior housing, at least until we have no other choice. But most also agree that assistance may become necessary as our capacities decline and our […]

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Truth be told

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Wouldn’t you agree?

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