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Immediate Job Opportunity for Veterans

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**Please Share** Job opportunity for Veterans.

Attention Veterans with a Supply and Logistics Background: #FEMA needs your talents for immediate hire in #PuertoRico. See flyer for more info.

Attention Veterans with a Suppy -Logistics Background


******* ALL EXPENSES PAID *******

WHO: Warriors to Work (WoW)/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

WHO: WoW […]

Wanted Dead or Alive Dusty Style

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This boy loves this song. He watches my step father play guitar as well as music videos and as you can see tries to mimic them.

I see someone else has a similar struggle

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Dinner’s on us…..

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Yep, Jimmy John’s pickles and Dunkin Donuts coffee ~ meal of champions. My husband got me something else. The hospital gave me a NO SALT ADDED meal.

Can’t do it.

So, I came home from our day’s doctors , appointments and not 30 minutes later…. had to leave, hazard lights on headed to emergency room. STROKE […]

Heaven or Hell on a Squatty Potty

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“Will I go to Hell if I just make my own squatty potty out of scrap lumber?
Hell or Heaven are more long term issues; however and in the short term, if you use scrap lumber-make it is not crappy lumber though and well sanded-then you’ll save some money which you can use to buy […]

Wondering what he was saying to me

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Buddy Check Wednesday

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Don’t forget your brothers & sisters.
YOU are the point person today…call, email or text one or more of your brothers and sisters to make sure they are doing okay. Everybody needs a Buddy. NO MORE 20 on our watch.
Do your part and please share this post.

PTSD affects so many! […]

When their rattling the bed…

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I wish I had this snore stopper sometimes SleepApnea

Grant a Poundwish

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By now y’all know where these incredibly adorable animals stand with us. I saw the instagram post by Poundswish and just had to share with you the cases that they are working on.

Please share so they may find their wishes granted.

Poundwishes Instagram Profile

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