November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

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To kick off November National Epilepsy Awareness Month, the Danny Did Foundation is proud to share their new awareness video.

The narration is by Danny’s younger brother, Tommy. If you or your family is impacted by epilepsy, we encourage you to take time this month to tell your story. No one can do it better […]

Almost that time of year

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It’s March 10th here in eastern North Carolina and mother nature has lost her estrogen medication. 😉

Nonetheless spring is around the corner and my garden needs to be prepared to blossom. I’ve had composters in the past. One even my husband tried to make but none seemed to seal the deal for me.

But, I […]

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My platelet rich plasma therapy has finally been rescheduled!
It is now set for Friday March 23. Let’s hope this stays this way!



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Photo Conversation Cards For Children With Autism And Asperger’s

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Improve Oral Skills And Social Interactions With Conversation Cards

Help children with autism or Asperger’s learn how to understand and handle the nuances of social interactions and improve oral language skills with these detailed photo cards. Each card has an accompanying story that allows students to discuss specific social situations and the possible actions or […]

Microcephaly, is it what you don’t know what you fear the most?

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As most may know this has been in the news a lot lately. What some of you may not know is that my son was also born with microcephaly. Yes, I admit when I was young I didn’t know what to expect with my child having this. I opted to give him up for […]

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This is kinda awesome I think. Granted you will still need to speak to a doctor to have further testing but it gives you something to work with.

What do you think?

Would you want to know by way of an at home test or would you like to know from your doctor?
If you tested positive […]

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Is this how my day will go?

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Hope this is not an early indicator of how my day will go but you see his medicine, his cup of water, a powerade, and the magnet for his VNS stimulator inside his chest.

Streetshares Foundation Veteran Small Business Award

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The Dual Caregiver

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I can definitely relate to her life… well minus the extra kids.

The Dual Caregiver: Juggling Caring for Wounded Warrior & Child with Special Needs

Victims, Abusers, Survivors

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As a victim of domestic violence there comes a time in that span of abuse that the abused can turn into the abuser. Now with that said, that person isn’t your typical abuser. That person turns into the desperate, feeling of all is lost and will take something extreme to get out of.  I […]

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