Some Awesome kids took on the Mannequin Challenge

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Exceptional Educators is a group of professionals committed to educating the mind, body and soul.

We support the needs of the whole child through therapy and educational services provided in a one on one and group setting.

We offer a range of services including:
• Play therapy
•Afterschool Camps
•Summer Camps
We specialize in students with:
• Anxiety Disorders
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Learning […]

Have you and your spouse/partner tried the 30 day challenge?

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“Working with women and couples for the last 4 years, I became increasingly aware of the struggles relationships were enduring as the ways of the world are changing.  Everything is so instant and we are always looking for a faster, better way for everything we do. Because of this, it’s starting to hinder the […]

This has my heart

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Mental Memory, Physical Moments

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My husband and I were talking the other day about the things in my past. He has expressed on more than one occasion that if he could he would somehow erase, get rid of, the people or events that have left such a lasting effect on my mind, body, and soul. Those things that […]

Justice for Faith

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 “I have been following this not just as a sexual assault survivor, fellow North Carolinian, a mother, but because I have personal connections with other members of the Hedgepeth family.  Like alot of families they have close knit bonds but also share a love for their cultural heritage, community, and faith. We have known some of them for almost twenty years.  I remain close, not as close as in years past but we remain friends and if someone needed something they would always be there to help.”  –  Amy

“A DNA profile was generated from semen collected in a sexual assault kit, and investigators believe the DNA belongs to the killer, Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue said Thursday.“Investigators have excellent evidence in this case, and we are making a public appeal for any information that will help us tie that evidence to Faith’s killer,” Blue said. “This is not a cold case. It has been and remains an active investigation.” 
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Keep it uniquely YOU!

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A Marine Corps veteran’s wife has some unique items. Customize your bracelet, necklace,  heck even your cat or dog’s collar. You have so many different items to choose from. Medical, 🐕,🐈, horses, soccer, football, states, flag, colors, 🕆, 💎, ♪♪, ❤, 📷, 🏊, 🏋, ABC’s 123’s, I mean possibilities are endless! Imagine having a […]

Friend, Veteran, and Survivor

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What not to say to a Veteran who is experiencing abuse.

What Not to Say to a Veteran who is Experiencing Abuse


Fine Art America- Regina Vasquez

Flawless Imperfections

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Turned a page in this  never-ending book of life for us. Whether we are in a better position or not remains to be seen. James had been working in a temporary position at the post office. He’d also been steadily submitting applications for whatever position he thought he may have been qualified for.  Several months ago he […]

Healing Household 6

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HH6 Caregiver Library

In honor of my brother Chris

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His birthday was August 8. When I saw this picture it felt so real because…well he’s no longer here.

I feel like he has been watching over us. Lord do we miss him.

August 8, 1969 – January 17, 2007


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