31 years ago

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Today my mom and pa would have been married 31 years.

31 years of ups, downs, and marital bliss. They didn’t have a model marriage – one in history books you won’t find either. But their love for one another remained true.

They fought then made up. They had 6 children between them. My brother and […]

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A Woman’s Purse

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Help keep Dysfunctional Veterans operating by joining the eliteDV Battalion Club. Membership never exceeds more than 500 people. As a member, you’ll get 10% off every order you place in the DV Store for the next year and we’ll send you a member package packed with 9 gifts! Your package will include:

DV Flag T-Shirt

(only […]

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Happy Vag Day

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Mother’s Day

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This is the first Mother’s Day without you. This is so hard. As I watch tv, listen to the radio, or even look at the newspaper or online all I see is Mother’s Day ads.

I keep looking away.

I want to avoid it like one would avoid the plague.

This is fucking hard. I told James […]

Star Wars Fan?

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Flex Watches are awesome.

You can get the watch you want while simultaneously helping causes close to your heart or the heart of someone else.

These are on preorder status.

If you want to save some dough and earn cashback at the same time then go through Ebates, earn 10% cashback on your Flex Watch purchase.

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Servicemember Civil Relief Act

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This is nothing new but for some thiscould bethe first they’ve seen or heard ofit. Know someone who this applies? Feel free to share.
Wish we would have known this when we purchasedour first SUV while my husband was still active duty.
We were paying around 12% on our vehicle loan and knew nothing of this. […]

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View this post on Instagram NIPSEY HUSSLE Painting from Air Force Veteran @caseypaintings ! What yall think? Comment below. 颯颯 My Nipsey Hussle painting is complete! Tell me what you think! 4×5 ft mixed media […]

The month of blur

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This past month has seriously been a blur. It’s been a little more than a month when I think about it. If you go back to October when I had my mini-stroke so that’s almost 2 months. Geez…

Biological father passed away on November 14th. Dusty and I had gotten up early that morning to […]

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