Wisdom-less with laughter

Let’s see…where did I last leave this? I don’t think I quite remember where I left my purse much less the last post. I guess I could have looked back and see where I left it but …oh well. I am just going to wing it.

Well Kayla had to have oral surgery on Wednesday. All four of her wisdom teeth decided to start coming in with a vengeance. Nothing like watching my daughter coming out of it after they gave her ketamine, propofol, and versed. Hilarious I must say. Even my husband was bummed he didn’t get to personally witness it. I do have a few videos so I figured I’d share them with y’all for a few laughs. She knows now I recorded them and has actually watched them herself. Just glad she inherited our sense of humor and can laugh at herself otherwise…well…she just would have learned to laugh. There is no sense in living in the world we live in, knowing all our imperfections and shortcomings and not laughing at something along the way.

I hope she’s taking her medications and getting some rest in between her online college courses. She has drill this weekend so I know she will definitely be ready to crash after she gets home from drill on Saturday.



“>Kayla under the influence after surgery

“>Kayla shortly after leaving surgeon’s

By the way, I don’t really have much of an update on my bio father. He’s in a skilled nursing center, has been there for quite some time now and the “girlfriend” has total control of his estate and well, him. There isn’t much I can really do considering I physically could not take care of him. He has been in altercations with other patients over the silliest of things like a shoe or potato chips but I guess since what is really there “mentally” just isn’t the same. He has moments of “John” and then goes back to speaking out of character. She has him in a facility about 4-5 hours away from me so making regular trips just isn’t in the budget for us much less our schedule.
I’ve don’t all I can where he is concerned and have a clear conscious knowing if anything happened I did all I could. I have given that man too many chances to be a father to me and well he just didn’t take those chances.

Has anyone ever heard of someone speaking backwards? Even if this person doesn’t realize just exactly what they are saying? Supposedly it is symptoms of a recent seizure. Dusty started doing this and we hadn’t experienced this before. If anyone else is familiar with this please comment on the post. Thanks!

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