When I die I will likely blow a lot of smoke out of my A**

You know when someone tells you something and you get the instant “That’s BULLSHIT” reaction? Yeah, we had one on Friday when we attended a local American Legion for Veterans. The Veterans Administration had representatives there from Wednesday to Friday as well as a few more veteran related organizations there to assist anyone who needed it. The main reason we went, well James’s VA disability claim for his service related injuries. I assumed the appointment he recently had at the local VA healthcare clinic had something to do with this claims process, I was wrong, it had nothing to do with the process.

James had to take an entire day off to attend this event in order to speak with someone with the Veterans Administration. He could have went to work and attended the event after work. We didn’t get to speak to anyone til the work day was essentially over. I could have probably sat there while he was at work and just to be safe he could have taken off a little early to make sure he had enough time to spare before the number was called. But its over with now. Anyway, so we thought this would help the claims process or at least put a bug in someone’s ear to get his claim moving along. We start explaining a little background as to the current situation and see just why the file has been sitting on someone’s desk. The representative said they had somehow just received his records in October. As soon as I heard that my first reaction was, Bullshit. That seemed extremely odd considering James took his own personal copies of his records in and had them submitted via the local office. But somehow those submitted didn’t even show up. The 3rd party authorization form we had resubmitted didn’t even show up. I had scanned and copied that form just in case something were to happen to it and we had a copy of it. I showed the rep the copy I had since it had dated stamps on it. He had to copy it himself and stated he would submit it. James and I were still baffled at the fact that the records somehow showed up in October. That makes not the slightest sense to me at all. I told him we had submitted a financial hardship and were denied. I tried to explain to him just how detrimental it would be if were get in a position where we get an eviction notice or anything like it. It’s not as simple as one would think.

Even after congressional inquiry it sat. According to the rep someone would be on it come Monday morning. It has been over a year and half since James’s unfortunate departure from the Marine Corps. He has yet to see a doctor regarding his service injuries. He didn’t get any rating for them when he was being processed out. I have heard it from numerous sources that they should have rated the injuries he sustained while in the Marine Corps. But…it is what it is at this point and we just have to work with what we have.

I hope they will be calling him to schedule an appointment with a doctor to evaluate his service injuries.
There are way too many veterans in need of services and just not enough services to handle them.
The contract that they signed should have been both ways. If the service member doesn’t adhere to the contract they get in trouble but the other party doesn’t seem to keep their word either. I don’t understand why you can’t keep your end of the bargain.
I just feel as if all they have given deserves more in return than to constantly take from what was promised.
Maybe its just my biased opinion because I married a Marine. But then again I have had both grandfathers in the military, Uncles, my stepfather. I mean every family has someone they know that has either served or is currently serving. Wouldn’t you want them to receive all they were promised?

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