What is wrong? No explanation from doctors…Please share

Ok, this is more of a plea for help. It is sort of linked to one of the other posts I made recently. Here is the link to that post…http://throughourlives.com/2014/05/10/i-need-corrective-surgery-but-have-to-pay-over-7500-first/

Since I went to the ER the other day something seemed to changed. I am not sure if it is symptom to taking a new medication for pain. I had never tried this one. I know pain medications can make you constipated but there is much more than just constipation. I am truly miserable. I cannot understand what is going. I have sudden weight gain (5 pounds in the past week and it’s not just water weight gain). Distention, my pants, shorts underwear, etc. They are all stretching more than they were before. I feel like something is pressing on my diaphragm because it is hard to breath I am sooo bloated. I feel like I had a binge at the buffet and my brain didn’t get notified I was full. All of a sudden my back pain is different like something is pressing on a nerve in the back. I feel like someone took an air hose and hooked it up to me and haven’t disconnected or turned it off yet. I will say it again, I am miserable. I saw my pain management doctor yesterday and since I had started a different pain medication about 3 weeks ago I wanted to see if maybe it is contributing to this. I just got my old medication that I was taking before trying this new one.

I haven’t eaten anything at all today. Yesterday my food was spotty. I didn’t eat much even with all I ate combined. When I went to the ER last week I was given 3 things. I hadn’t had a BM in 2 weeks went I went to ER. So they gave me magnesium citrate, milk of magnesia and then a several hours later they gave me an enema, hospital style. Much different from the kind you can purchase in the drug store, lol.  I haven’t had a BM since that day …it has been a week since that ER visit. They did confirm I had a hernia. The hernia would push itself out in my pelvic region. You could see it by looking at me and I am sitting a certain way. I told them that I had surgery to fix one before by they didn’t tell me whether or not the hernia seen on X-ray was one I had before was fixed with the mesh stuff. I know I need corrective surgery to fix what’s affected by using the mesh stuff. But something else is going on and needs to be resolved asap. We can’t afford for me to go to numerous doctors, hospitals, etc. I mean our insurance isn’t covering pre-existing conditions. Even the doctor yesterday was surprised and made mention that she thought that pre-existing’s were supposed to be a thing of the past since Obamacare took effect.  Well… now she knows otherwise. We currently owe thousands to the hospital and what I need is going to add to that by tens of thousands more. But I need to see two different doctors, a Gynecologist and a gastroenterologist.

Here are the symptoms I currently have:

extreme bloating, constipation (which may or may not be directly related, I have had constipation before but this time its different), distention, feeling full/pressure, weight gain (sudden onset of weight gain 5 pounds within a week).  As I stated I do have a hernia but not sure if this is related to it or not. Pain from the ”swelling” I feel like the swelling of my stomach/body is pressing on my spinal cord somehow and my diaphragm.

I have read some of the things that women have experienced with some of these symptoms but ….some were PMS and well. I had to have a hysterectomy in 97. They did leave my ovaries because I was so young and the doctor felt like my body would reject the hormones given if they took them out. I have had ovarian cysts before. I actually had one rupture on me and if I hadn’t gotten to the hospital when I did I would may not be here today. But I feel like the pain is different from the pain I experienced then. The pain I felt then increased gradually over the course of a week to two weeks. Of course if it gets to wear I can no longer bear it then I will be forced to go to the ER. I just need some answers. Some of the women in the forums/blogs that I read gained way more than just 5 pounds. One I read gained 75 pounds. I cannot gain that much weight back. It would absolutely sabotage my success with controlling my diabetes. I had lost weight and worked hard to get my numbers down and if whatever this is makes me gain weight then I can pretty much assume my numbers will go back up too. I go back to my diabetes doctor here in the next few weeks and hope this is resolved before then. I just cannot risk my numbers or my weight going back up.

I feel horrible. Even though I am hungry I feel like I cannot fit anything else in my body. Know anyone or have you experience any of this? I need some feedback.. I just need HELP. Medical and financial.

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Thank you for your help.

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