Warranted Explanations


First off, my bio situation sort of went in a totally different direction than expected. Just a couple of weeks ago I had gone to visit him a few times that week. On that Thursday there was a meeting with the facility social worker. Myself and the “girlfriend” were in attendance along with speech therapy, physical therapy, social worker and nurse. We spoke about his current condition and the fact that he had become so combative and even started swinging at people. The confusion, his clear memory loss and not knowing what the current date is. The fact he stated to tell his mother to get ready because they were about to leave (my grandmother passed away in 2004).
In the meeting applying to guardianship was brought up. The girlfriend would call his lawyer and explain to him the situation.

The facility isn’t really equipped or staffed to handle someone like him. They had requested a CNA be brought in to be with him since he needed more one on one time than they could give him. The problem was that no one had access to his finances, well at least to my knowledge. Then on the following Monday I sent her a message asking how things were going with the search with the CNA and the lawyer. She came back telling me that she was still doing research on the CNA and that the lawyer was still sitting on his “f******* hands” (her words). Now just a few hours later I get a phone call from her telling me that she had been given full power of attorney.

I was floored.

I really didn’t have anything to say right then so I hung up. A few minutes later I sent her a message asking how my bio could consent to a power of attorney in his current mental state. She didn’t answer. Again, I sent the same message. She replied a while later claiming she wasn’t sure how the lawyer did it. There is no way that man would ever, I repeat ever give someone power over his finances. As I have previously stated he valued his money over his life. That’s why I told her that it didn’t mean shit that he gave her healthcare power of attorney. If he was in his right mind he would never and I repeat NEVER give someone control of his finances.

The healthcare power of attorney was just that…healthcare in the event that something happened to him. The sneaky, behind closed doors manner this was done is beyond frustrating. It was signed on the 28th. I got a call from a nurse at the facility on the 29th asking someone to come sit with him because of his combative behavior. In conversation I asked her if he was competent enough to sign any legal document. She replied, ” No.” I then informed her that he had signed a POA just the day prior. She asked me to hold a minute. She had informed her supervisor of this. Now, what I did find out after all of this is that because he wasn’t legally declared incompetent his signature was still valid regardless of any competence. Please tell me this is not scary?! My husband brought up the fact that in cases such as this someone could be robbed blind because of this loophole. I really think his lawyer shouldn’t have done this but in all honesty I have a good feeling why they rushed to this.

I had told the girlfriend that with all the confusion and BS of the legal battles, his own business dealings, so on and so forth that I wouldn’t want to have guardianship. There is just too much of his life and business dealings that remain questionable to me. By that I mean the other parties involved. I was told while he resided in Mexico he had two attempts on his life. Well that could either be from him pissing someone off, one of the partner’s trying to rid him to rid a debt owed or just the type of people he may have had dealings with not wanting him alive.

I don’t know all the specifics but I do know that it sure as hell isn’t worth the money in my opinion. Yes, it is a sizable amount but that amount isn’t worth my family being in any potential danger because my name is in something. I made a comment to her to let the state take care of him and use his assets to pay for it. There is just too much GREED and the want for control of his finances. She now has control of all aspects, even potential business dealings. To top it off I get a call from a friend of his who says that there is a foreclosure that my bio wanted me to look at in my area. I honestly haven’t called him back because I feel the girlfriend’s hands in this way too much. I refuse to do anything that may not help my bio. I do not know that she will not bleed his finances dry and leave him high and dry and at the mercy of the state. At least my suggestion he had the funds to pay for his care.

Right now I am just playing the waiting game, waiting for someone to slip up. She has a thing or two she needs to learn about me, I am not driven by money.


Now, onto my own issues. I had an appointment with a gastroenterologist/digestive disease doctor yesterday to further investigate my prolonged fever (lately averaging 100.5 even after my pain meds and ibuprofen). I have had some issues recently that related to the surgery I had in 2009. They had repaired a rectocele then along with pelvic organ prolapse. I can’t go into full details of the surgery at this time due to ongoing investigations. My fever has been daily now for over 2 months. Not exactly sure why but the doc ordered several tests and some have already been done. Have only one more test to be get done in this round to see if he finds anything to make him test any further. I know he wanted to run a MRI but due to insurance guidelines I guess the insurance companies want these docs to run the less expensive ones first to warrant the bigger ones being paid for. But in some circumstances I could see them wanting to bypass the lesser for the one that shows much more detail. At this point, I just want some answers, explanations as to why I keep running a fever.

My blood was drawn at my endocrinology doc last appointment and it looked as if I was dehydrated. So the levels are likely to be similar considering not much of anything has changed in that arena. Granted, the dehydration can be resolved but it is just going to have to be a wait and see what it comes back to show.

Another test he ran that I wasn’t expecting was one called CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen, the test measures the amount of this protein that may appear in the blood of some people who have certain cancers, especially cancer of the large intestine (colon and rectal cancer). It may also be present in the people with cancer of the pancreas, breast, ovary, or lung. Being that this protein can also be present during the development of a fetus, I am pretty sure he isn’t riding the side of that scenario. If I could get pregnant, it would definitely be a medical miracle. There are different things he is looking for that would be a possibility and unfortunately I guess having cancer would be a possibility too.


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