Trust me, I get it

I’ve heard Pure Romance just isn’t my thing.

I get it, trust me. I am an approaching 50 year old married southern woman. The mom and caregiver for my 26 year old special needs autistic son.

The wife and caregiver of a disabled Marine Corps veteran.

I have my faith but not attached to any specific religion but I do believe.

I have gone through alot of traumatic experiences as a person, a mom, and a wife.

I use music, laughter, and gardening as therapy.

With all the stress in our lives right now we all need an outlet to let go. To get our minds off all the gloom and doom.

I probably couldn’t put a condom on a banana right now so for me trying to demonstrate how to use a clitoral vibrator is not only challenging but hilarious.

But you know what? Even for that split second, those few minutes we didn’t focus on all the stress, we laughed. I laughed and you laugh with me.

Sex is a natural part of who we are. Some things seem taboo I admit.

My husband even jokes and calls me a “Smut Peddler” but it’s all in good fun.

So if you want to just peek at it, come on in. This is a private group. There is no pressure for you to do anything other than have fun.

In these trying times we are having to think outside of the box in order to continue our way of life.

This isn’t what you think. Do they have things that come to mind when you hear Pure Romance? Yes. But you can choose to see what you are comfortable with.

I never thought as a mother who has had a hysterectomy would benefit from a sex toy. Yes, you heard me right.

After having children our pelvic wall isn’t as strong as it once was. We laugh, we cry and then we aren’t able to keep ourselves from “tinkling”.

So, come on in and check it out. Then if you decide this truly isn’t for you then I completely understand.

In the meantime, come laugh with me. Enjoy a place where we are all women. Where we as women, know our struggles and just want each other to enjoy our lives best we can.

Would you be interested in laughing with me step outside my comfort zone in a pure romance Facebook group –

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