The Power Of A Mother’s Love For Her Disabled Child

The Power Of A Mother’s Love For Her Disabled Child: Animated Short “Ian” Is Changing Perceptions About Disabilities

When Sheila Graschinsky saw how children treated her disabled son she became inspired to change perceptions about those with disabilities. Her son, Ian, can only talk with the help of a machine and was teased daily when he visited his rehabilitation center by children from a nearby school.

Sheila went to the school to confront the bullying and discovered the school had no tools to teach the children that bullying is wrong. Sheila wrote a book simply titled “Ian” published by Penguin about her son. Handing out books at schools didn’t have the widespread effect she wanted so she helped produce a short animated film titled “Ian,” that seeks to raise awareness about bullying suffered by children with motor and neurological disabilities.

Originally posted 2019-09-09 10:27:59.

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