‘Stop frying your skin’: Woman shares harrowing recovery from melanoma

This is why I am watch my skin exposure outside.

I try to limit my time during the certain parts of the days because of the sun’s rays. I wear my long sleeve shirts over my tank tops.

For Bethany Greenway, melanoma didn’t appear in the form of an ominous dark spot doctors always warn about. Instead, the Texas mom noticed a subtle change when she was pregnant with her second child.

“I had what I thought was a liver spot start growing on my forehead,” Greenway, now 41, told TODAY in 2017. “It looked no different than a giant freckle.”

Already generously freckled, she just blamed pregnancy hormones. It was the start of a battle with the deadliest form of skin cancer that forced doctors to take out flesh and muscle from her face.

When contacted on Wednesday for an update, she was still feeling the impact of the treatment for the disease, noting she had recently developed “some pretty nasty side effects” from her immunotherapy infusions that forced her to be hospitalized a couple of times.

Bethany Greenway battled melanoma

Bethany Greenway battled melanoma

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Greenway, who lives in suburban Austin, has been chronicling the experience in a Facebook “melanoma photo diary” full of searing pictures from her surgeries and treatment. It helps her process the shock of going from a healthy adult to a cancer survivor, and warn others about the frightening illness.

“It makes me ill [to watch other people tan],” she said. “Please stop frying your skin.”

Read the rest of her story here.


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