Stitches, flat tires and birthday cake

Have you ever been in one of those periods where you really just want to disconnect from the world around you and just immerse yourself in your own little bubble? Yeah, well that is kind of where I have been this past several, several weeks. Dealing with my husband and his “service connected issues” to Dusty and well all that comes with him, trying to get his seizures controlled enough to where they aren’t landing him on the floor or worse in the hospital. It is a very delicate balance. I struggle daily just trying to do the things parents do to teach him rules and responsibilities, respect, boundaries, so on and so forth. As he has aged he has seemed to gain this “attitude” that I guess most of us get when we move out of our parents homes or turn a certain age. We feel that sense of freedom and feel like we are grown and no one can tell us what to do. We seem to feel like we are top of the world and we’ve reached this monumental peak in our lives but for some it’s just not that simple. Trying to teach Dusty how to “be a man” while trying to get him to understand he can’t do certain things. We want him to be as independent as possible while on the other side try to understand he just isn’t allowed to do certain things a person with his disabilities is allowed to do (or really shouldn’t do for whatever reason). We joke and say he can drink (non-alcoholic beer)but we never really get him anything because we have told him and the doctors have told him alcohol can worsen his seizures. Ok….fast forward. Back to the world of the living.

On August 14 we were heading to my parents house for several reasons. One- to visit Two- For Dusty’s 22nd birthday the next day Three- To help Kayla move, again (this time should be last until she goes to boot camp).
I had already packed everything for the trip, medications packed and was just waiting for James to get home and get ready to leave. We dropped the dogs off at the kennel a couple of hours before so all we had to do was head out in one direction. Dusty had gone into the garage to get me some of the Minute Light Lemonade drinks I like (which by the way are only 5 calories per can and 0 grams of sugar). No they aren’t your Simply Lemonade’s but they are an easy trade considering they are only 5 calories and zero sugar. Being a diabetic sucks but you just have to decide how you want to live the life you are given and run with it. Now back to before we left…. So Dusty went to get some lemonade’s and we heard this loud noise. I yelled at Dusty asking what that noise was. He didn’t automatically come with a response so I asked again and then headed towards the door to the garage. He was coming in the door and I asked what that was. He wasn’t speaking in a manner where I could understand what he was saying but then moved his right hand away from his face and BOOM…all I see is blood dripping from his face. We aren’t sure if he had a seizure and fell or if he just tripped on something (like his own feet LOL) He had a nice gash in his eyebrow but we weren’t exactly sure he needed stitches. I tried to get him to tell us what he hit but he said he didn’t know but then said it was the flat part of the dolly (which if you know is the part on the ground so that didn’t make any sense). I pulled out my tote (not regular sized first aid kit for this house) and started cleaning it up. I took a picture of it and sent it to Kayla but she didn’t get it until later. James and I both weren’t sure so after we got the bleeding to almost stop I put some steri-strips on it and then covered that with a band aid. After we had already left heading to my parents house Kayla texted me back and said he needed stitches. So that next morning we took him to the local urgent care up there. He ended getting stitches. The cleaning up wound care we did aided in the healing because it wasn’t showing any signs of infection. The only problem would have been the alignment of the wound as it healed since I didn’t have it lined up as good as the stitches get it. But the doc fixed him right up. It was funny watching him just lay back and have this needle going into his eyebrow without even flinching. I guess it’s a plus when he really doesn’t have a pain perception. They still used a local (topical) anesthetic just in case he felt anything.

This was after we had cleaned it up and for the most part stopped bleeding
20150814_174544 (1)

He was so ready to go spend time with his grandma and pa. He had an ice cream cake and loved it! We didn’t really get to spend time with Kayla due to her having drill that weekend and having to move but we did get to see her Friday evening after she got off work and before she went to sleep. We helped her move her stuff on Saturday as well as rescue her from a flat tire. Thank goodness we were somewhat near because she wouldn’t have made it very far on the spare that was in my mothers trunk. We found a service center that would plug the tire before they closed for the day and then headed to unload the cars. After all of that was done I know she couldn’t have stayed awake very long at all.

Dusty was able to do a little “target shooting”
20150815_091744 (1)

20150816_114952 (1)



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