If you’ve been on Instagram within the past two years, you know that Sundays aren’t just Sundays anymore—they’ve morphed into #SelfcareSunday—a day dedicated to making time for yourself and putting your mental health first.

But what about your sexual health? We’re ready for a new take on #SelfcareSunday—one that shows your sexual wellness some love too. After all, sexual health has an impact on every facet of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

“Sexual health really is robust,” gynecologist Dr. Jessica Sheperd told Maria Shriver on the Today Show. “It filters into physical health, emotional health, and mental health and sometimes we put it on the backburner not realizing it’s part of our complete wellness.”

Ready to focus on your sexual well-being as a necessary part of your overall health? Us too! Meet Self-care Sunday’s sexy older sister: Sexcare Sunday!

How does one practice sexcare, you ask? That’s completely up to you! The goal is to get comfortable experimenting with your body and deciding what feels good. Read on for a few of our favorite ways to put yourself at the top of your Sunday (or any day!) to-do list.

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