If you remember the passing of my nephews, CJ and Tey, you might remember that they were being cremated and placed in custom urns.

Welll… not so fast. After repeated calls and inquiries it appears the urns aren’t even available.

They original origin of said urns was either India or China.

We have been waiting since December and this should not take this long.

The family would like to be able to have the remains of their children as they are also moving and want to have them with them.

The landlord of the house where they lived when they drowned wants to be a … should I put it nicely or not give a shit? A DICK! That may be putting it nicely.

The funeral home director has been wonderful in all of this so there is no blame there.

At a time like this to fall victim to a scam is just over the edge.

Yes, they will get a refund for the custom urns but this has just dragged on way too long.

Here it is May 1, 5 months after their passing and 5 months that the “custom urns” had to get here.

I knew something didn’t feel right.

I think it’s safe to say the urns that they get now will be purchased locally. We may even try and make them ourselves.

Please pray that the family can move on and start to heal after they have their remains and they finish moving across the United States.

They need to start to grieve, to heal, to move on with their new existence.

Their mom can’t finish moving without her boys. Do you blame her?

Hopefully CJ and Tey are running free, being the boys they were known to be, peaceful and free.

Mother’s Day will be something different this year.

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