As of June 6 2019

They estimate her birth was 12-18-2018.

Remember I said Saoirse had been hit by a car at some point in her young life?

Well…. her injuries are a bit more extensive.

Her left hind knee/joint was completely shattered.

Her left hind leg is shorter than the right. She can’t straighten that leg assuming at this point because of her knee/joint.

Forgive the terrible image. We scheduled another appointment for her to be sedated and get updated xrays.

Her leg seems to be “shrinking” – he mentioned at some point her leg may have to be amputated. BUT it is way too soon to be certain. But her leg is shorter than the other.

So… that’s it for now. Oh and she had hook worms, lol. Go figure.

As for her right hind leg… it’s healed at this point but it was broken.

He agrees she was likely hit by a car and tumbled.