Precious Treasures

My family is getting themselves and their belongings moved from halfway across the country.

She dropped off my niece and some precious belongings for me to take care of while they finish with the move.

She handed me this box, said if we had to evacuate to take this with us. I asked her what was in there, she didn’t answer. She just kind of looked at me. I asked her again, then again. She was reluctant to tell me. I can see why. It is my nephews clothing and things they had on at time of death. The hospital cleaned everything up for her and gave them to her.
She said I could look in it if I wanted to but she knew I couldn’t do it right now. That’s why she was reluctant to tell me.
This is part of the flowers and plants they received for the memorial service for CJ and Tey. She asked me to take care of them until they finished with everything.

Things we hold dear will never be the same.

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