Prayers Please

Please keep us in your prayers.

This morning we found out that we may have been exposed to someone who was COVID19 positive.

We weren’t around this person but my niece and nephew were and they came to our home several times, like they always do.

They came over on Saturday, back and forth like normal.

They just didn’t know they were around someone who was positive just I guess not symptomatic.

So we have to wait 72 hours before we can take a test.

The lady at the doctor’s office said that waiting 72 hrs is to help prevent a false positive/negative.

If covid is that bad for some then I can only imagine what it could do to my son.

I mean, if you remember when I said he had salmonella and it resulted in some brain damage.

Fingers crossed that we weren’t exposed enough for us to actually get it much less my niece and nephew.


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