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Happy Memorial Day to everyone, even if you aren’t military affiliated or know the true meaning behind it I wish you the best.

The past few days for me have been a bit unnerving not just for me but for my family as well. You see on Thursday I had court on Thursday for the ticket from the trailer. We finally were about to get it registered but not without a bit of hassle. When has anything been that easy? I had a MRI scheduled at 12:30 so I assumed that it would go rather quickly considering I was just going to show the DA the registration and I was either going to have to pay a fine and court costs or he would dismiss it. Well for that it turned out good, he dismissed it but to me it seemed more of a technicality rather than just being nice. The officer who gave me the ticket had put our vehicle license plate number on the ticket for the trailer instead of saying that the trailer didn’t have a plate. It was like the trailer was driving itself. Nevertheless that part is over with. My husband just has to attach the plate to the trailer and we shouldn’t have anymore issues where that is concerned. Just sucks because he literally had to take a day off of work to get the trailer inspected with the DMV office that only were open two hours a day and if something arose they weren’t even in the office anyway. So you just had to catch them there in order to get anything done. This office is just another division of the DMV but what all they are there for is unknown to me because you don’t go there for your driver’s license or ID nor do you go there for your vehicle registration, plate, etc. They just inspected the trailer making sure that the assigned VIN number that was issued by the DMV is on clearly the areas they instructed us to put them. I think it’s because if someone were to take the trailer apart that the VIN would be on different parts. Not 100% sure but feel that’s the case.
So back to court the other day. After I spoke to the DA about the ticket he kept getting the deputy’s attention for him to come over. They dismissed the ticket and then the deputy asked me to come with him. I did, as I followed him out of the courtroom into a hallway I asked what this was pertaining to. He stated he had a warrant for my arrest. I said, “come again?”. He did repeat warrant for my arrest. They sat me down in a small room and Dusty came with me so he sat down as well. I kept asking what this was pertaining to. He then started looking on the computer for what the warrant was for. This was something from 2003. They tried to take me into custody but because the warrant stated at official’s discretion and I had my son with me. The deputy even called the Lieutenant just to make sure everything was ok to what he was doing. It was for a check written back then and I have no idea if it was mine or not because of the time frame. It was around the time I left and moved to Las Vegas. So the deputy let me leave, took down all my current information (which was already in the system due to the ticket for the trailer) and told me I had two weeks to get it straight or else they would come get me. I was a bit freaked out by it because I sure as hell didn’t expect to got to court for a traffic ticket and then go to jail. So I spoke to my husband, daughter and my mom. We decided it would be best for my daughter to come down and pick me and Dusty up and leave the truck for my husband. I would go with her and go back to my mother’s house and then the next day travel to the counties to try to get these straight. The next morning came, we left and went to the first county which had the order for arrest. I went into the clerk of court to ask for a new court date and the lady called a deputy and told them someone in there had an order for arrest on them. The deputy comes in and asks who had the order for arrest and I honestly spoke up and said it must be me because no one else was in there. He took me to the magistrate’s office and then they started looking into just what the was. The problems were that it was so old they didn’t know all the specifics. So then he went ahead and handled the arrest order and had an order for release done and I signed it promising to handle the citation. Which I told them hell I didn’t mind it I just needed to get it straight because I had a special needs son and I was his full-time caregiver. I didn’t need to get a late night surprise at home with the end result being arrested and my husband left to try to figure it all out and take care of Dusty at the same time.
Now one of my problems with all of this is not knowing if it is mine or the result of someone stealing my checkbooks back then. I did have to file charges against someone then who stole a checkbook and they were charged. I don’t know if this is related or not. Come Tuesday I will have to make a few phone calls to hopefully handle the remaining ones. The sheriff couldn’t serve me because they don’t have anything to back it up and there for the court system really couldn’t prove their case. I am just going to have to ask the DA to dismiss them. I honestly hated assuming guilt by paying off the others but there was honestly more at risk than just assuming guilt by paying them off.


On another note, I had to end up rescheduling the MRI because Dusty was with me and he couldn’t be cleared to be in the room while I was in there. The doctor is looking for tumors and honestly whatever else shows. Hopefully after having a low grade fever for 3 months some answers will start to come soon. I just want to get this over with.

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