You know I feel for folks who have gone through trauma but I am not the one that is so easily triggered by things.

I don’t know if I have just become so numb to things and that’s why I don’t get ”triggered” by things or not.

I can watch things on tv and some things may get my heart racing a little or I get a little anxious but I am not to the point where I go all out and just fall apart. Granted I have had many years to heal from all of it.

How do you handle things after trauma?

Are you able to watch things on tv without it ”triggering” you?

What things have you noticed you do (or not do) when you see it on tv?

I often wonder if I just put my ”feelings” on pause to be able to live my life so many years ago. I mean I still had to raise my kids and deal with everything else. I feel like I just didn’t have time to ”feel” things (if that makes sense).

I hear folks say they have had this happen to them and see they can’t get the words out of their mouths without falling apart. Maybe it was still new. I know people are built different and handle trauma differently.

When I was with my kids bio father, sperm donor, abuser I had to turn off that ”feelings” part of me just to survive. It seems like I haven’t fully turned that switch back on.

Can anyone else empathize?

How have you been able to get through your traumatic experiences and continue to live your life?

If you would like to share I would love to hear from others who have gone through traumatic experiences. I would like to hear how others have been able to get through things.

I would like to know if it isn’t just me that feels this way.