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I purchased a new toy for the house. The main reason was to have something to play calming music at night for Saoirse. She has so much energy that sometimes nighttime isn’t as calm as it should be.

I have been playing this calming music for dogs I found on Amazon music.

We have been leaving the tv on at night since we played it through our firestick. We would leave it on repeat at night so she would stay calm.

I wanted to find something that had a small energy footprint in comparison to our tv. So I found the Amazon Echo Dot.

We use Amazon Music to stream all of our music anyway so having something that links directly to our playlists was a win-win situation. But if you use any other streaming platform you can set it up through the DOT to play through it too.

We played around with it a little after the extremely east setup process. I asked it questions about the weather and it gave me the current conditions. We asked it questions like how many seconds were in a year and she gave us the amount for the calendar year as well as a solar year. Which we didn’t know the difference, lol.

Now, it has made a few mistakes but from what we understand it takes a little bit of time for it to learn our voices. So speaking clearly seems a requirement.

Did I mention I purchased this on a deal on Amazon? $20 bucks OFF!!

My best friend has the kids version for each of her 4 kiddos. We would only need one for Dusty’s room but we haven’t gotten to that point yet, lol. Besides, we aren’t quite sure Alexa could understand Dusty with his speech impairment. There are plenty of times we have to tell him to repeat what he said just so we could understand it. We may try to see in the future but for now this is a good fit in the living room.

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