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A new journey awaits. My husband finished his CDL class and is officially a licensed commercial driver, well at least on paper. He just needs to find the right job/company. We live in NC so hopefully he can find one he likes and can help him adjust to civilian life. He has only been out of the Marine Corps for one year and it hasn’t been the easiest of transitions. The job he currently has there is no room for advancement whatsoever. It seems that the job, the team and employer have motivated the employees to move on their merry way and find something better. Sucks because for every employee that says see ya that means they have to find someone else. Granted it is a job but not one with incentives for just showing up and doing your job. Who the hell wants to work somewhere when you know this is all that they offer. You walk around looking like bums on a federal installation because the company doesn’t want to invest in quality shirts for their employees. I realize you are working with chemicals all day everyday but the company that had the contract before seemed to do just the opposite. They were able to get the more quality shirts to give employees so they didn’t look like bums. It isn’t the employees fault how they look when their work shirts have multiple holes in them. And I am not talking about little holes either.

But that is ok. Bigger and better things are hopefully around the corner. Now all my husband has to do is find a good company to work for, that has good pay and benefits. I know there are some out there that advertise programs for recently discharged veterans but without knowing the truth behind these ads it is hard to just say yes. I realize there are probationary periods when he first starts driving for a company. With our current situations medically and financially we cannot be without insurance and sure a hell be enough money to take care of what needs to be paid.


With that said I do know there are programs out there (where I am not sure) that may be able to assist financially. If you know of any help we would be so grateful if you could either refer us to them or vice versa. If there is anyone that can offer helpful information about our current situation please leave a comment. My husband will not just sign on to any company. Everything promised better be in writing and they had better come through when all said and done. He is trying to move on from military life and find the right groove to settle in. I really hope that we can move up from here. With my current medical issues it has limited the amount I go to the doctor. I have the medical bills sitting on top of our heads. We have used our credit card to pay things and they are racking up. Taking our son back and forth to his appointments 3 hours away.


On top of all that …well our daughter will graduate high school here soon and start college in the fall. My husband thought he would be able to let her use his GI Bill/education benefits but not eligible. Sucks. He feels betrayed by the one family that he felt apart of. The day he got his dog tags…he says is one of the best days. He was so glad to have earned those dog tags and won’t let go of them even now. They are forever apart of him and his wardrobe. So while you are praying for yourself and others please add our family to it as we would do the same for you.


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