National O Day

Did you know on average, 60% of women have reported faking an orgasm.

But ”fake it until you make it” isn’t always a good idea.

Here’s why:

Faking your orgasms long-term can lead to resentment towards sex and your partner.

Faking it can cause a disconnect between you and your partner and lead to inconsistency in the bedroom.

Women who fake orgasms are typically more embarrassed to talk about sex.

Talking about your pleasure with a partner doesn’t just strengthen your relationship but it can lead to sexual liberation, overall sexual satisfaction, and MORE ORGASMS!

The bottom line is- your sexual satisfaction is just as important, and just as deserved, as your partner’s.

The goal isn’t always achieving orgasm, it’s about having fun, feeling comfortable, being present in the experience.

Let pleasure be your measure.


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