A Marine Corps veteran’s wife has some unique items. Customize your bracelet, necklace,  heck even your cat or dog’s collar. You have so many different items to choose from. Medical, 🐕,🐈, horses, soccer, football, states, flag, colors, 🕆, 💎, ♪♪, ❤, 📷, 🏊, 🏋, ABC’s 123’s, I mean possibilities are endless! Imagine having a different bracelet or necklace for each day of the week. Everyone thinks you may have worn a separate piece each day-BUT  when you tell them NOPE….

Then they will want to see what you did. You become your own designer. Imagine it… Designs by….  what if they want you to design it for them since they  ❤❤❤ your ideas so much??

Will you share your designs? I’d love to see your personal creations!

Keep Collective with Star-Lena






 Keep Collective with Star-Lena



Originally posted 2016-10-16 21:58:04.