It’s Back Again

I had to go see a new neurosurgeon. They needed new MRI, CAT, Xrays, and all the work. Done most of that.

I started physical therapy yesterday. Funny thing is she is the same physical therapist my husband had for his knee.

So working with her was easy.

Now that I have had the new films I am eager to see the surgeon to know whether or not they will be able to do anything.

I read in my x-ray report that there is a fracture in one of the pedicular screws that is part of the fusion.

I assume that is from being hit by the car early one after my fusion BUT I am not 100% on that. There is no way to tell it this far out.

I will have to do physical therapy twice a week for a bit to satisfy the insurance company. The surgeon told me they won’t pay for a surgery without have some physical therapy done.

I know having a deep tissue massage twice a month has helped in other areas. What physical therapy can do I’m not sure. Especially knowing the condition is of my spine.

I’ll be honest, I am scared to death of being paralyzed.

This has always been a thing ever since finding out the risks of having the back issues I have. When I had the fusion the risks were high. Just bending the wrong way I could have paralyzed myself.

Oh and joys the doc put in for another mammogram, don’t you just love ’em? I guess it’s just part of saving the tata’s


Originally posted 2019-10-25 11:00:14.

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