I need corrective surgery but have to pay over $7500 first?

Went to the ER recently and had ”issues”. Let’s just say the majority of you won’t really want to know all that it involves. But I will say that my intestines, bowels are involved. I had a surgery back in 2009 at the Naval Hospital. It involved 5 different procedures. I knew something was wrong before they did the surgery because I was feeling things where you wouldn’t normally feel them. After the surgery it seemed it all went back to normal…at least for the part I am referring to right now. I mean they used the mesh crap and sling you see all over the tv right now but not exactly sure if that is the reason for the troubles right now. I just don’t know. In order for them to know they would have to surgically go in and see. I know I need surgery to fix what was messed up by the mesh/sling crap but something else is a little more dire in my opinion. I need surgery to fix a herniation in my bowels before they kink up or something worse. A nurse sent me to the ER when I showed her where and what was going on with them. She was more worried that it would kill me if it had pocketed and it gets worse. Well the ER doc did make mention of my insurance and the fact that the deductible is so high that it seems maybe they would be reluctant to opt for the surgery right now because of the risk the insurance company would not give prior authorization since it is partially a preexisting condition. I just know I need it fixed before it gets any worse. I feel like a balloon that continues to take in air and gets bigger and bigger.

I am at a loss as to what to do. Having to hold my stomach when I cough, sneeze, any movement my stomach needs support. It is not the easiest thing to do when you have someone who has seizures and medical issues and sometimes I have to pick him up for some reason when my husband or my daughter isn’t around. With both my husband and daughter are gone ALOT lately. She is still in high school, taking a college class and works a job. My husband works his full-time job and then goes to his CDL class in the evening and then on Saturdays. Hopefully all this will end soon once she graduates high school and he finishes his class. It will definitely be a bittersweet end and beginning.

The next thing we would have to do is possibly move depending on where a good job would land him. Granted it is a CDL job and he would be traveling we would still need to be closer to the home office of the company. At least I think that is the best option. He wants to find a company that his income potential is there. One that has good benefits and one that may have a rider program that way there would be times my son or myself could ride with him on certain routes. I have also saw some that offer pets as your rider as well. Which would be good for him when he was riding alone. His time in the Marine Corps I feel gives him an advantage…at least I hope. There are some companies that offer veteran programs but don’t know which ones at this point.

One huge reason for him to get another job…paying for our medical care out-of-pocket expenses and the tuition for our daughters first year at college. For some reason we would still out over $14,000 for her first year. We have looked into so many things to help cover this cost but not sure what other resources are out there other than student loans. With her wanting to head into the medical field we are looking at way more than 4 years of schooling. At the estimated cost of $14k at year over the course of her years will certainly add up. Not including graduate/med school.

Now …  one thing I have yet to understand, the costs of my needed surgery. I realize medicine, medical equipment, etc…is expensive. It takes money to make money. My only problem is I need this fixed. With the balloon slowly filling how much more can it takes before it ruptures? The ER doc’s mention of the insurance makes me think there was an ulterior motive in her treatment. No one seems to understand there is something wrong and I know it. I mean when you physically have a bulge in the pelvic region of your body and know see it and feel it…its perplexing when you get a doctor to do a xray and then she does say what you are thinking or knowing yet doesn’t ultimately do anything about it. She did however refer me to lower costs doctors offices. I mean I would still have to pay the $7500 in order to get it fixed after that I think the insurance company should cover it. It’s killing me having to pay the high costs of a premium each month and still not be able to actually get stuff covered. My son goes to the doctor each month nothing with this insurance company is covered. We don’t qualify for a subsidy and the premium is more than our rent each month. What kind of flipped flopped mess is this?

So our option? Raise it….I really hate to ask people for money. I would rather work for it. I don’t mind working. Mainly my work consists of volunteering. If I could get paid for the volunteer work we do then it wouldn’t be the same. But we need the money to fix it. My husband is doing all his body can do to make it better for us. Since our lives were sabotaged by someone who just decided to be an asshole that day. We aren’t a victim but we will survive this just like every other hurdle in our lives we just need some help.

If you could help us or would like to contact me for further information you can send me a message on my facebook page Through Our Lives (there is a like button on the right side of my page, I tried to link it here but it has not posted the link).


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