How do you preserve something that isn’t there?

Over the last 10 plus years or so I have been taking pictures in fear I won’t be able to remember things, even the most miniscule of memories. Unfortunately with a multitude of pictures comes the need for the storage. Luckily as technology has advanced we have gotten better storage capabilities for our quality images that we want to be able to see 10 years for now. Well in my case it could be 6 months from now but who’s counting ( Me 😉 )

I started taking pictures of random things. Some things so random I don’t even remember what they are. James has had to go through my pictures numerous times because I somehow tend to make copies. I don’t know if I do it out of fear of not having that first picture being deleted or what. I know that out of fear of losing the first I do tend to save a backup to the pictures on another device like a thumb drive or some form of external storage device.

Taking pictures has become more of a hobby, not as therapeutic as my music but somewhere gardening and pictures are not far behind. I guess they all have their own particular uses. I know for a lot of us music can transcend the mind and when you hear a particular song it will open up a memory in your mind and you once again will be looking at the past through your ears and the mental DVR of our minds. I just know my mental DVR needs an upgrade lol.  I feel like I have to try and preserve everything I can. 

After Kayla read the Hero Within post she told me things I didn’t remember.  To sum up what she said… she told me that the guy I was dating, his so-called cousin, his girlfriend all had been attacking me. Someone put a gun to my head and then Kayla slid into my lap. I am pretty sure I blocked it out for good reason, sad part is that she remembers it so vividly.  I just wish they hadn’t been there. Granted, had my kids not been there I wouldn’t be here.

Pictures can bring both joy and pain. They can be the reminder you have come from far away and traveled so far yet it’s right next door. You can look at some pictures that look so real, just as if you were physically there to view it with your own set of eyes. And then there are some that we’d rather not even take a glance at. Just looking at some of the smaller things that aren’t in everyone’s view is fun. I have come to look for the different shapes in clouds, to trees, to well anything that I find kind of different. Then there are pictures that can tell a story. For example, I let Dusty cook (bake)French fries last night. I took pictures along the way so eat step in this was a picture.  You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? We can take a hundred or so pictures and yet still never grasp the story you were trying to portray. Then there are those images that aren’t meant to tell a story, they just were that moment in time. Well it is a lot of these types that I like to take or find. In the event that I can’t remember a memory I can at least look at the picture and try and recall what the image portrayed. Pictures can mean so many things to so many people. They can tell you how someone may have lived 40 years ago. They can show someone’s transformation over time. I want to capture my life, the life of those around me as much as I can in the event I can’t recall it myself.

3 generations

3 generations – my mom, Kayla, my grandma (mother’s side)


Me age unknown

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