Gingerbread Social

Dusty was invited to a gingerbread party. It was originally planned in December but life got in the way.

She decided to postpone it and it ended up two days ago.

He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Granted it was mainly girls there but my friend made sure he felt included.

He won 2nd place in the gingerbread house contest.

He brought it home and started eating the house today. It is now down to just 4 walls. No roof caps or shingles. Surprisingly he ate the candy. He isn’t a big candy eater. He prefers the softer stuff but ate the candy like it was soft,lol.

We had to tell him he didn’t need to eat that candy like that because it could hurt his teeth. His teeth, mouth, jaw, etc have costed us some money and don’t want to mess it up.

Surgery Aug 2013

That’s a different post all together! Lol

Have a good one!

Originally posted 2020-01-19 23:10:55.

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