Ever been so intoxicated that you don’t recall doing anything for that time period?

I believe I already spoke about this partially. Well… It is time for me to admit to something.

During that intoxication period I got hold of some scissors and well …. I messed my hair up… I have been trying to figure out how to fix it and have yet to do so. It is f’ed up! I love my long hair.

Right now it is hard to really do anything with and I am scared to go to the hairdresser because in order to possibly even it out they will have to cut alot off.

My bff says to have them layer it. LOL Jess, It is already layered,🤣

What do you think?

(For some that do not know the back story, my son was with my daughter during this time period so he was good to go)

This is one reason I do not drink like that LOLOLOL