Day 8

Today has been the worst so far after the prp therapy. I had a follow-up visit today and thought I would be ok to drive. Well as long as I gave myself extra time to get there.

Ok… so we left at 9:30am. My appointment wasn’t until 11:00am but I woke up in alot more pain than I have been in so far. On top of that this throbbing pain that just overwhelms you.

Tried my best to keep my cruise control on but traffic, lights, etc just weren’t working in my favor.

I get there about 10. They must be busy because parking lot is full. Now, I have very few parking spots and none were easily accessible for me. I turned a 3 point turn into a 15 point turn and still managed to park crooked as hell. I said bump it and left it how I had parked it.

Then sat there for a few seconds crying because I was so frustrated and this throbbing was just adding to my frustration. I thought about trying to use my left but I am just not that coordinated enough to try it today much less any other day.

So, I go ahead in. Check in, doc sees me a little early and find out this throbbing is normal… 😒

And I agreed to do this… 😒 but I need to look at the positive outcome. At least I am hopeful this works.

As we were discussing treatment I asked her how someone came up with this. Interestingly enough it was used in horses. Well if a horse can have positive results then I will keep every extremity crossed that it works as well on me.

She gives me my prescription and I check out. Today the first time I have had to send Dusty inside the pharmacy with my prescriptions in hand. I made sure to tell him not to drop the prescriptions. Granted, I called them while parked outside and told them I was sending him in. He gives them the prescriptions and hauls ass back outside, 🤣🤣.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. So one of the ladies in the pharmacy comes outside and gets my drivers license and my debit card. We just laughed because Dusty didn’t wait for her to tell him anything, not even hello.

After filling one of the prescriptions she put my debit card and license in a little ziploc baggie placed it inside the other bag with the bottle of medicine and put several staples in it to thoroughly secure it closed lolol. Thank goodness for small town pharmacies like this one.

Had I taken my prescription anywhere else I am not sure they would have done that. But we have been getting meds filled there for over 10 years now and have gotten to know us very well.

Now I am kicked back in my recliner, foot/ankle/leg up, coffee, meds taken just waiting for them to kick in. Still not allowed to take any kind if anti-inflammatory medications but… 😴😴😴

Listening to these 2 snore

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