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This week is the start of more Hurricane Florence damage repair. FINALLY! Bittersweet for sure. Tylenol and ibuprofen will be my friends even more than normal as this will kick my allergies into high gear.

BUT they will likely be here all week. Which means the dogs will have to be outside…ALOT. Good thing we bought a kennel from Tractor Supply along with a roof cover and all-weather panels (we still need to pick up a couple more panels).

We would also like to find a solar powered fan that we can attach to the kennel roof or back panel somehow. It can get hot in the summer months when you add the humidity level and dew point. Thankfully this week it won’t be that hot but warm nonetheless. We might just have to fill one of the kiddie pools up and put it inside the dog kennel or something.

Dusty has had at least 2 physical therapy appointments per week but I think I might just have to postpone this weeks maybe even next weeks appointments while they are working on the house.

I just got home from a wonderful appointment.. (do you hear my sarcasm?)

I developed hemorrhoids a couple months back and I needed to followup with the doctor that did my colonoscopies. I have never dealt with hemorrhoids before so I didn’t know what to expect.

He had to get treatment done. As I was laying on the exam table kind of in the fetal position I reached my hand back behind me and he asked me what I was doing, was I going to help him? I said no just my reaction to someone headed in that direction.

My anxiety was a bit up because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another treatment. Have you dealt with them before? Any tips or suggestions you could offer me?

My husband is still working overtime hours as they are trying to catch up on all the things that needed sandblasted since Camp Lejeune was his pretty hard by the hurricane. This is on top of all their normal stuff.

So if I don’t update any posts either here and/or social I will post soon.

Did you see my picture on facebook while I was getting my hair cut?

Here is the before and after. As you can see I don’t exactly look overjoyed lol. It’s just because I am so used to my length and this was kind of a drastic change. But I know it will grow back. I was trying to semi fix my drunk with scissors moment, lol.

And After…

Until next time…

If you’d like to help our mailing address is Carter Family PO Box 533 Richlands NC 28574

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