Another reason I am thankful this Thanksgiving

Here it is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving of 2014. I just added another reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving.
My husband got into an accident on his way to work yesterday morning. He was on his motorcycle and he was doing the speed limit and where he was I imagine he had to actually decrease his speed for the stop light up ahead of him. The roads were wet as the rain was in and out. He started to hydroplane, he said his front tire still had traction but his back tire didn’t. He knew as soon as that back tire regained traction he was going down. He said he was far enough from other vehicles and thankfully no one else was involved. He slid down the pavement and ended up in the grassy shoulder off the road. He had his insulated coveralls on top of his uniform and then his riding jacket. The jacket took bore the brunt of the damage of the slide at least where his arm is concerned. His motorcycle did sustain damage but because of the manner he laid the bike down and what maneuvering he was able to do it didn’t sustain fatal damage. He isn’t able to ride it right now until he gets those damages addressed but the extinct of those damages aren’t fully known, at least from my standpoint.
He is sore which is always something you will feel after an accident. I tried to get him to go to the doctor but he wouldn’t do it. He went straight to work after I left with the motorcycle.





Did I fail to mention that Kayla turned 19 years old yesterday too! So please continue to share the fundraiser as we are still needing funds for her schooling.

And remember SMILE even when its hard to see!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and tell your friends and loved ones what you are thankful for.


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