31 years ago

Today my mom and pa would have been married 31 years.

31 years of ups, downs, and marital bliss. They didn’t have a model marriage – one in history books you won’t find either. But their love for one another remained true.

They fought then made up. They had 6 children between them. My brother and I from my mom and then Pa had 4 children from another marriage.

My stepbrother, Sean, got to know my mom on a level no one else has. He saw my momma as his own. Just like I saw my stepfather as my own.

My children know Pa as their one and only grandfather.

I just want my momma to know just how much she was loved and adorned. She told me she was proud of me and just how much of a good person I was. But what she failed to realize is who taught me to be this way. She did.

She just didn’t see she had wings and a halo.

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