Unspoken Words

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Lately as I have been dealing with my bio and just life in my world there are certain things I end up thinking of from time to time for whatever reason. Not exactly sure what drums those thoughts up but they are there. Some of them honestly hurt. But those are thoughts I would […]

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10 Minute Face Masks

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Address additional skin concerns and see even better results.

Check them out !

Bomb Scare

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View this post on Instagram #Repost @militarybadassery • • • • • • Dead AF😂 @badassery – – A post shared by CarterFam (@jadkmcdc) on Aug 8, 2019 at 10:36am PDT

Domestic Violence and Abuse

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‘Stop frying your skin’: Woman shares harrowing recovery from melanoma

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This is why I am watch my skin exposure outside.

I try to limit my time during the certain parts of the days because of the sun’s rays.  I wear my long sleeve shirts over my tank tops.
For Bethany Greenway, melanoma didn’t appear in the form of an ominous dark spot doctors always warn about. Instead, the […]

Conversation of Unknown Origin

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Post includes the audio of the attempted conversation with my bio father today.

Smile! 🙂

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Anybody Seen The Calgon? It was supposed to take me away

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Boy oh boy has this past several weeks has been interesting.
Got a headache and still have my music drowning me. The music isn’t seeming to bother my headache so I won’t bother it.

You know the song by Lindsay Lohan “Confessions of a Broken Heart” ?
Parts of me can feel the hurt in that song […]

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A Woman of Heart

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As I sit here I am overcome with different emotions as to what I have been dealing with the past week. I feel like I am in a made for television movie of Lifetime or some other channel.

The picture below is a picture of my biological father. I was contacted last Tuesday by his […]

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