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Do you remember when you were growing up, going to school, playing with your neighborhood friends? Do you remember that kid that no one liked to be seen talking to? The kid that the seemingly more popular kids picked on? The kid that always seemed to be casted out of everything or everybody in […]

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Alive and well…

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It is a blessing that I have been able to live upon this earth for 45 years. Though there were a lot of ups and downs, trial, tribulations, lessons, and pain – I have lived to see another year go by.

I went to the memorial grounds where my grandparents and my father are buried. […]

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You know it’s been 20 plus years since I was raped by someone I thought was a friend. To this day, nothing. Rape kit as far as I know backlogged. I wouldn’t know what to so if they finally tested, prosecuted, etc. #Unbelievable @netflix— Carter Family (@usmccarterswife) September 24, 2019

Watch the trailer for […]

TBI Warrior Foundation

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Check out the Beginning blog post here.

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Out of curiosity

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Do you ever see the same number sequences, over and over? I’ve been seeing several different sets of number sequences for a while now and curiosity has got the best of me as to the reason. Maybe it is nothing more than coincidence but what if it has a much higher purpose? In the […]

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Flashback Friday 

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This was in August of 2013 after my son had surgery on his face,jaw,etc…
This was my mom and my stepfather walking with him down the hallway at UNC hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
My momma was always, and I stress always lol spoiling him. But I guess that’s what grandmother’s do.
I remember my grandmother, […]

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Wouldn’t have missed it for anything, except maybe Pizza

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There are those events in our lives and the lives of our children that we see as huge milestones and you would do almost anything to make sure you did not miss it. Well for us one of those events was Kayla’s boot camp graduation.We are so enormously proud of her and this accomplishment. […]

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Sometimes for hours

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Yes, he can vaccum sometimes for hours
Anybody else feel my pain?
What things can your individual with autism do for hours like this?

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Epilepsy: ‘I’m not daydreaming Miss, I’m having a seizure’ – BBC News

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