Genetic Testing

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Since momma’s passing and learning that family connection of this cancer I have considered doing genetic testing.

Has anyone had this themselves?

Could you give me some feedback on your experience? Process? Etc?

Thanks – Amy

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It’s officially 23

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Well… what can I say… nothing lol.

I can confirm surgery number 23 is in the works.

Urogynecology… for some of you that’s a combination of girly parts and bladder components.

Should know more definitive date soon.

Also, if any of you have had issues with rotator cuff injuries and what you have dealt with I could use […]

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Texas Country Style

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Couldn’t pass this up…

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I saw this on Instagram and about spit my coffee out!

So warning…. (wink wink)

Can you imagine?

Furever they go

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The 13 yr old dog, Bear, and the 2 yr old cat, Silas have now gone to their forever homes. At least I know Bear is staying with the veteran that we handed them off to. Silas may go to someone else. As long as they aren’t taken to an animal shelter where I […]

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Stroke Recovery

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Need help with your CPAP supplies?

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The ASAA now offers a Year Supply Program (YSP) to anyone that uses a CPAP machine.
The package will include (4) Masks, (4) Filters and (2) Tubes. This program is offered while supplies last and specific brands of masks, filters and tubes are not guaranteed. The packages will include factory sealed items and are “as […]

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Can’t wait til these are ready to pick.

This will be the first year my peach tree has yielded any fruit.

Hope it works!

I used my spray and grow on them.


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