Pale Struggles

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Know what it’s like to always burn?
Then you know pale skin struggles lol.
I can’t stay outside very long without burning.
Well… I got sunburned, again and this time there’s a spot on my face that doesn’t want to heal. So… biopsy time.
June 5th is my day just not sure if they will biopsy it that […]

When is it ok to cheat?

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If your significant other had Alzheimer’s and you became their caretaker, would it be okay to cheat with another person to get the physical intimacy you crave?
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Who loves orange soda?

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Oh boy this stuff is good! Have you ever tried it? We just tried it for the first time Sunday. We have tried the grape and fruit punch already but this was the first in the orange. It tastes just like orange soda!

Immune Boost

500 mg of Vitamin C deliver a high […]

Grin and bear it…

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Wonderful… #grinandbearit See what’s gonna happen is my husband is going to try to fix all this to prevent our son (or myself) from hurting himself buttttt, Mr Stubborn has an injured shoulder. Possibly needing surgery to fix it. We actually have the appointment with the specialist this week. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Wonder why some […]

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How’s your immunity?

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In light of the increase in measles cases we needed to see how good our defenses were. So,off we went to see the doc to get the blood drawn.

Look at that boy’s veins! Looks like the tree of life, lol!!
We will know soon whether we need to get a booster or not. We can’t […]

I’m not crying are you? 😂😘

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HEARTWARMING: This grocery store employee helped an autistic teen and is being praised for making his day
— CBS News (@CBSNews) August 1, 2018

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My mother went to the emergency room a couple of days ago because of excessive nose bleeding. They had to have her see an ENT/ (ear,nose,and throat doctor).

Thankful she did as the doctor found a growth the size of a grape between her nose and sinus cavity. They cauterized the area that kept oozing […]

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Pelvic Floor Issues

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This is true!!



#Constipation plagues millions of Americans. Most suffers do not realize bowel mechanics & #pelvicfloordysfunction can play a role. Do you know if you are #pooping properly or if your #pelvicfloor is tight? A #pelvicfloorPT can help you figure this out!
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Coffey’s New Song 🤣🤣

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“Your New Boyfriend” – My favorite song to sing live! Download the song on the “This Is Me” album today! Full video on IGTV today at 10am. #coffeyanderson #countrymusic #calicountry #texascountry singing at the @oc_fair to ugly with @runawayjuneofficial and @hunterhayes! Come out tonight. Did you notice the cameo by @bonquiqui!? 😊
A post shared […]

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31 years ago

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Today my mom and pa would have been married 31 years.

31 years of ups, downs, and marital bliss. They didn’t have a model marriage – one in history books you won’t find either. But their love for one another remained true.

They fought then made up. They had 6 children between them. My brother and […]

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