60 signs

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Oh forgot to say this the other day, this is what happened after we got home. Don’t know if I told my aunt or not but first 2 nights after my dad passed away our tv’s turned the channel by themselves. We have a dvr but nothing was scheduled to record. Woke up with […]

Alzheimer’s Reading Room: 4 Ways to Deal with Anger and Confusion on the Part of a Loved One Living with Dementia

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Is this near the end?

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I got a phone call from my bio father’s “girlfriend” just a bit ago. He has been in the hospital for several weeks now. It seems last night he took a turn for the worse.

He stopped wanting to eat ~ even if being fed. They are considering a feeding tube. He spiked a fever […]

Person Centered Profile for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care – Together in This

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Dementia ~ The heartless bitch

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Dementia is a heartless bitch… My biological father is being transferred to hospice. Stopped eating days ago. His decline has been rapid. I can’t express how painful this is to watch.

Military Wife Helps Strengthen Family Foundation for Veteran Community After Husband’s Traumatic Brain Injury | Points of Light

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Canine CPR

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It’s officially 23

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Well… what can I say… nothing lol.

I can confirm surgery number 23 is in the works.

Urogynecology… for some of you that’s a combination of girly parts and bladder components.

Should know more definitive date soon.

Also, if any of you have had issues with rotator cuff injuries and what you have dealt with I could use […]

Texas Country Style

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